IBS Education and Training

IBS Education

IBS Education provides training opportunities to help you grow your profits today. By realising the full power of the IBS Enterprise product portfolio your staff will directly help you improve your business. Book an IBS training course and experience an immediate return on your investment through the power of learning.

IBS Learning Management System is now available for customers

IBS Learning Management

Our Learning Management site holds more than 600 training lessons for self-study. The lessons cover IBS Enterprise rel. 9.0, 8.0, 7.0 & 6.0, Dynaman rel. 8.0 & 5.5, IBS Integrator & IBS PlannerView. The newest training material for release 9.0 and 8.0 offers presentations with audio, quizzes, videos (nearly 150) and hands-on lessons.

You can test our Learning Management Systems free of charge.

Try one of our demo courses to be convinced that our Learning Management System is the ideal way to improve the skills of your employees.

The following demo courses are available:

  • IBS Enterprise – How to manage the XT Client
  • IBS Enterprise Distribution training – rel. 8.0
  • IBS Enterprise Financial training – rel. 8.0

To learn how to get access to IBS Learning Management System, please contact steen.larsen@ibs.net.

IBS Education Catalogue

IBS training covers all of our products, delivered in a number of ways and on many levels. Our approach goes beyond basic training. Explore our catalogue of education programs and select the course in the language and region that suits your company.

  • Standard courses at introductory, intermediate and advanced user levels
  • Personalization of standard courses
  • Educational program designed to create initial and ongoing training for your whole company
  • Certification programs to help your users reach their maximum potential

To find out more about a course near you, please contact info@ibs.net

Why IBS Education works for your business:

  • Maximize performance and productivity
  • Reduce training expenses with the option of onsite training
  • Reduce employee downtime
  • Access our resource library post-training
  • Maximize skills retention

We are committed to meeting your training requirements at every stage:

  • Implementations
  • Migrations
  • Upgrades
  • Employee turnover, cross-training and retraining
  • Extended software use

IBS’ trainers are experts in their field on every level:

  • In-depth training offered in a number of languages
  • Business best practice knowledge
  • Niche industry understanding
  • Experience in using our solutions to meet your strategic goals

Options include live virtual classes via the web (webinars), face-to-face classes at our regional education centres or onsite at your location for minimal disruption and travelling time. At IBS we believe that system knowledge allows you to concentrate on your job, not the software.

Download Brochure:
IBS Education Catalog