EDI Consulting Services and Solutions

IBS Consulting sorts through the myriad of Electronic Data Interchange options and strategies to offer unbiased recommendations to our clients. VAN’s, Internet EDI, AS2, AS3, GS1 (UCCnet) and a number of additional technologies can make strategy development a study in alphabet soup without proper guidance. With the assessment of fines and penalties from your customers there is little room for error in your EDI implementation project.

IBS Consulting offers strategic as well as technical EDI services including outsourcing, software evaluation, training, implementation, and migration for many EDI solutions available today.

EDI Managed Services

  • Provide EDI outsourcing services that will help reduce implementation costs and time.  We can process all of your trading partner transactions including ANSI-X12, EDIFACT as well as XML

EDI Services Introduction

  • Ability to support many EDI solutions including Inovis, Gentran, IBM Websphere Data Interchange, Extol as well as others
  • Ability to support EAI based tools including BizTalk, IBS Integrator and others
  • Experienced in all facets of EDI processing including ANSI-X12, EDIFACT, VICS, UCS, AIAG, etc.
  • Ability to integrate EDI transaction sets with any ERP system using customized applications
  • Successful track record with EDI implementations using customized applications. Successful track record with EDI implementations well as XML

EDI Educational Offerings

  • Provide educational services that explain how EDI transaction processing will work within the organization
  • Provide knowledge about EDI products, transaction processing and insight into EDI standards and functionality for both experienced and novice users
  • Education can also include segments on integrating EDI transaction sets with ERP systems

EDI Consulting Services

Analyze and Document Current EDI Environment

  • Determine existing standards and processes involved with the organization’s current procedures
  • Utilize existing personnel to determine the nature of all trading partners including inbound versus outbound transactions, frequency and volatility of scheduled events
  • Determine capabilities not currently met by existing EDI Environment

EDI Transaction Processing and Integration

  • Determine requirements to convert existing transactions, procedures and trading partners
  • Examine the priority transactions and their impact on the business cycle
  • Schedule the processing of events in order to provide the application system with accurate and timely data

EDI Implementation Process

  • Schedule time to meet with technical and functional EDI support personnel
  • Document current EDI environment and requirements within
  • Develop EDI strategy for meeting requirements
  • Produce EDI strategy in Project Definition Memorandum
  • Present findings