Value Assessment: An “eyes open” view towards satisfying customers.

The surest way to earn long-term customers is to add deep value to their businesses. But, have you taken the time to assess what “value” means to them? What satisfies your customers? What do they look for in a valued business partner? How can you ensure their long-term loyalty?

An IBS Value Assessment can lead you to some valuable insights. Our Value Stream Analysis offers you a chance to look at your business from your customer’s perspective, identifying areas for improvement that may have been hidden from sight. Our Value Assessment:

  • Maps your business process, overall or in specific areas.
  • Identifies areas of waste (non-value-adding activities).
  • Identifies specifically what your customers value and are willing to pay for.
  • Reveals ways to optimize your value chain to better meet customer needs.

The process will engage your management and employees, recognizing them and motivating them to be aware of their impact on customer satisfaction. Deliverables include a team-building workshop and report, outlining the findings and documenting the recommendations, as well as key performance measurements to gauge your organization’s progress moving forward.

The learning experience will serve to streamline your value chain in a process of continuous improvement, as you unlock resources and benchmark progress toward cost savings, improved throughput, increased customer satisfaction and more profits. Long-term, the exercise will embed a culture of customer satisfaction into your organization that will pay dividends well into the future.

Want to deliver more of what your customers want at a higher profitability and benefit to your organization? Contact IBS for complete details on how an IBS Value Assessment can serve you.

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