IBS Customer Support: Create a customer support package to fit you.

IBS has customer support packages to fit any service and budget requirement.  Choose and customize a basic, extended or premium agreement to support your critical distribution software. Agreements include:

IBS Global Service Desk

Access our service desk, 24/7, whenever and wherever you need it.

IBS Support Portal

Our portal is an incident handling and update center as well as a knowledge base. You can access reports, updates, manuals, FAQs, news and guidelines to solve every query.

Authorized Support Control

Only authorized people report and manage incidents. Knowledge and understanding mean fast, accurate and cost-effective solutions.

Remote Access

IBS can access your system and business data remotely to efficiently identify – and rectify – problems even before you are aware that they exist.

Consultancy Incident Services

Every service bundle entitles you to a set amount of consultancy time.

Service Review Meetings

After a set period we’ll sit with you to discuss outstanding issues and, if necessary, re-evaluate your support agreement.

Additional Services

We can also extend our support for any of your unique requirements:

  • Cover unsupported versions to extend the lifetime of older IBS software.
  • Extra language support with 12 different languages available.
  • Additional customization support.
  • PTF Software installations at a fixed price.

Our Service Packages

  • Basic — Support services on demand and set number of support incidents.
  • Extended — Faster responses and additional consultancy time. 
  • Premium — Top response and service support for distribution-reliant firms.

Also ask about our Platinum Support package, offering VIP access to fast-track resolution resources on all matters related to IBS software and solutions.

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