IBS Managed Services: Adding computer capacity without capital investment.

The dizzying pace of technological change has caused many IBS customers to rethink their decision to invest hard capital into system infrastructure hardware and software purchases. Not only are these investments immediately on a path toward obsolescence, the IT staff required to deploy, manage and maintain the assets adds significantly to the total cost of ownership (TCO). IBS has developed two service categories that provide you with the a fully managed application.

Application Management Services

With Application Management Services (AMS) customers receive a turn-key service that includes 24x7 system monitoring, database and hardware platform management services with service level agreements that financially guarantee your satisfaction.  Our IBS Hosting experts are also skilled in delivering these services:

  • Managed Hosting of all IBS Products
  • Database Management
  • System Administration
  • Remote Application Management
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Off-site Backup

Infrastructure Services

Either as a service delivered by IBS via Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or remotely to a customer’s environment. Our Infrastructure Services offers you the flexibility to determine the extent to which you maintain ownership of your environment.  You choose your hardware, IBS Infrastructure Service or a combination of both:

  • Compute Power/ On-Demand
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Data center services
  • Backup and Recovery services
  • Monitoring services
  • Connection service

IBS Managed Services provides a wise and economical alternative by allowing you to acquire computer capacity without investing in equipment ownership.

Why carry the cost burden of running your own computing infrastructure when you can pay merely for the services you need? Consider IBS Managed Services.

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