IBS Bookmaster Global Summit Presentations (March, 2012):

The future directions of IBS, our products and services
Pallab Chatterjee, Executive Chairman of IBS 

  • Symphony Technology Group’s acquisition of IBS
  • How it benefits you as an IBS customer

IBS Bookmaster
Ludo Hertroijs VP, IBS Bookmaster

  • Bookmaster’s future direction
  • Why Bookmaster is the supplier of choice - customer and industry alignment

Bookmaster - latest release overview
Viv Makila, Head of P&D, IBS Bookmaster

  • Highlights of what’s new
  • How these developments are in line with market need today and in the future?

Guest Speaker
Andrew Weinstein – AW Media

  • The Ongoing Digital Transition
  • Don’t Leave Your Strategy to Chance

The Publisher on the Web
Brad Jacobson – IBS Bookmaster

  • What can a web site do for my business?
  • What business can I conduct on the web right now with Bookmaster?
  • Web site construction options
  • Functionality: the web site use case method
  • What Bookmaster web products are available?

Guest Speaker
Tom Woll – President - Cross River Publishers Consultants

  • Google, Amazon, Apple and Intellectual Property
  • How to Survive The Technical Turmoil

Intellectual Property Management
Mark Briggs – IBS Bookmaster P&D

  • The IP Value Chain
  • Intellectual property Rights
  • The challenges of complex products
  • Managing a book built from IP objects
  • Exploiting  and selling sub rights

Distribution in an Online World
Viv Makila – IBS Bookmaster

  • How is the digital/web–based business changing the distribution model?
  • Understanding the new business value chain model when selling multiple product types
  • Where does Bookmaster fit in and how does it add value?
  • Know how your business will operate with multiple distribution channels (Wholesale, Digital, POD, Online content)
  • What is the role of each component in this vertical?

Advanced Subscriptions
Brad Jacobson – IBS Bookmaster

  • Subscription Value Chain, Books, Online content and digital Publications
  • The importance of fully integrated operations
  • Multi-Level controls for buying, managing and consuming the subscription
  • Activity management and reporting

Rights and Permissions
Mark Briggs – IBS Bookmaster

  • Royalty Contracts and Management
  • Sub-Rights Contracts and Management
  • Managing Copyright and Licensing
  • 3rd Party Sales Management
  • Financial Integration
  • Managing Royalties and Sub rights at the Content and Product levels

RPM the New Bookmaster Business Intelligence
Venkat Rajan – Symphony

  • RPM, what is it and how does it fit into my business?
  • Bookmaster Sales, Supply Chain, Book Production, Opportunities and Financials example
  • Reporting and monitoring the new web based sales channels