Meca — IBS helps drive rapid expansion

Meca, a Scandinavian automotive aftermarket distributor uses IBS supply chain software

Wide-ranging quality

Meca is one of the largest and fastest growing car parts and accessories companies in Scandinavia. Meca prides itself on offering customers high availability, personal commitment, competence and quality products.

Based in Sweden, Meca is the result of a 2001 merger between MBD and Perssons. The group imports, sells and distributes car parts in Norway, Sweden and Denmark . The company sells everything from windscreen wipers to education for garage owners.

Running on efficiency

Meca is a fast-growing organisation with two parallel concepts – 80 retail car part stores and more than 500 vehicle repair shops. With stock in excess of 600,000 items, the company not only offers parts, it imports and sells them to retailers and mechanics in its own and other repair shops. These repair shops make up the majority of Meca’s customers.

In the future Meca will offer a new concept in the automotive aftermarket called ’Meca Service Centre‘. In order to offer all kinds of services to car owners, the company will build about 50 Service Centers around Scandinavia where companies and mechanics will be able to hire premises and equipment.

Few IT solutions are flexible enough to cope with Meca’s phenomenal growth. Invoiced order lines alone are a staggering six million per year. The previous IT systems used by MECA were not up to the task.

Cars today are becoming more and more technologically sophisticated and the number of spare parts is increasing. The size of the financial investment involved in stocking parts demands more efficient inventory control. Competitors do not surrender easily and distribution software must be faultless and fast-acting. The order process must be rapid and easy to use, to fill orders and keep customers satisfied. Taxation reports and import regulation compliances must be transparent and instantly available.

Meca needed to find a supply chain software solution capable of supporting 600 daily users and an 80 percent annual growth while handling the stringent demands of the automotive aftermarket.

In the driver’s seat

After studying a number of options, Meca selected IBS’ integrated ERP software for the automotive aftermarket, along with IBS’ flexible Enterprise Application Integration tool, IBS Integrator. The IBS ERP solution includes warehouse management, financials, order picking terminals, electronic invoice handling and analysis.

IBS Integrator is a powerful tool for systems integration, data management, data replication and synchronization. It supports the interface between Meca’s repair outlets and suppliers and enables e-business transactions.

Customers can search an online product catalogue for spare parts through Meca’s website. When the desired part is found and the customer submits an order, the IBS EAI software automatically transfers the part number to Meca’s business system. The order is automatically created, using the customer’s approved contract and pricing agreement, with no human intervention necessary.

Shipping documentation is also automatically created. IBS Integrator extracts the required data — such as package size and weight, customs information and delivery details— from Meca’s business system to create the necessary documentation.

Winning the race

With IBS supply chain software driving its business, Meca’s winning concept and acquisitions have stimulated a colossal growth in turnover and increased profits.

IBS Integrator has given Meca numerous benefits in many areas. From a warehouse perspective, Meca’s seamless connection between its automated storage devices and IBS warehouse management software has provided highly efficient picking methods for the entire warehouse stock.

By ordering online, Meca’s customers can instantly see if products are available and place orders whenever it suits them, greatly increasing Meca’s customer retention. IBS Integrator has provided Meca with an efficient and automatic ordering system that is faster and easier in every way. The automated way of connecting Meca's website and product catalogue with IBS software has given the company a competitive edge, which in turn has increased Meca’s market share.

An 80 percent year-on-year growth is an amazing achievement. With IBS software in place, Meca is now assured that its supply chain is both visible and dependable, especially in the company’s current high growth phase.

  • 80% annual growth rate
  • Much faster and easier ordering
  • Greater customer satisfaction/service
  • Increased market share
  • Most efficient method of picking in the warehouse
  • Huge increase in revenue
  • Increased profit.

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Company profile

Name: Meca

Region: Scandinavia

Operation: After-market car parts supplier

Products: 600,000 articles ranging from windscreen wipers to steel frames; 10 percent in storage daily

Website: Meca

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  • Phenomenal growth
  • Need for e-business
  • Need for an automated ordering system
  • Need to improve customer service
  • Need for seamless communication between vendors and suppliers
  • Integration errors between shipping and business system.


  • Integrated business software suite for the automotive aftermarket
  • e-business software
  • Data integration
  • Sales order management software
  • Procurement software
  • Distribution software
  • Warehouse management software
  • Business intelligence software
  • Financials software.


  • Automatic order creation
  • Online customer orders
  • Simplified shipping
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Company-wide performance measurement
  • Automatic data integration
  • Enhanced information flow.