Introducing the IBS Customer Portal

Powered by Zendesk

Better customer service starts with better communication. As a valued customer we have heard your requests, and taken your suggestions into consideration. On June 2, 2014 IBS will be introducing IBS Customer Portal, powered by Zendesk, the hallmark of the IBS Customer Centric Community for all of your customer service needs.

What does this mean for you?

For customers with a current and active support agreement, the IBS Customer Portal, powered by Zendesk, will help simplify your IBS support experience by:

  1. Case Management
    You are in control – While you will still be able to submit cases as you do today through email, with the IBS portal you will have the ability to log new cases, manage existing tickets, and streamline all requests from any channel.
  2. Product Knowledge Base (KB)
    Maximize your information – Access KB articles, troubleshoot, get answers to the most common questions, and uncover new experiences for IBS solutions.
  3. Communications Center
    Review what's new – From product documentation to release notes, roadmaps to strategy, you will have access to the latest information, relevant to the IBS Solutions that are driving your business, all at a click of a mouse or the touch of a screen.
  4. Customer Satisfaction
    Help us improve – We want to improve with every experience. We will end every session with a simple one question survey to rate your Customer Service experience.

What does the future hold?

IBS Customer Portal, powered by Zendesk, will continue to grow in value in the future to more than what we have today; it has a future that will help you take better advantage of your IBS solutions through:

  1. Customer Forums
    Connect, communicate and collaborate – Share stories, new IBS products and solutions experiences with other customers, and expand your ecosystem of knowledge.
  2. Online Chat
    The help you want when you need it – Minimize delays, connect directly to a support consultant for answers or product guidance.

We are excited to continue to drive value for you and to have your input in the journey. If you have questions or want further information on our support programs, please contact your account manager or local support lead.