Because we’re focused on distribution software we know how to make it work. Our experts know every existing and emerging pressure point in your industry, and they know what to do about them. Please download our whitepapers that showcase our thought leadership.

  • Enterprise ERP

    Our application software suite, called Enterprise, streamlines, automates and accelerates the critical supply chain processes that determine your success: from inventory planning, purchasing and supplier management through warehouse optimization, value-added services, demand management and returns processing.

  • S&OP - A Better Plan to Help Power Profits

    You can have a financial plan for your distribution business. You can have an operations plan, as well. However, until you can see your operational decisions within the context of your financial plan, you will continue to struggle financially as your supply and demand levels fail to match.

  • S&OP - A Two Part Journey to a Bigger Bottom Line

    This whitepaper will demonstrate how you can positively impact your bottom line through improved sales and operations planning (S&OP), defined as “continuously balancing supply and demand, while connecting the impact of operational decisions to your financial plan.”

  • Choose the right 3PL system - Automate Your Logistics

    A 3PL provider demands much more flexibility from its WMS than the average manufacturer, distributor or dealer. In this white paper we demonstrate the requirements that a good 3PL system needs to meet.

  • Tackling Track-and-Trace - An Overview and Pathway to a Solution

    This whitepaper will summarize the key regulations in play in both America and Europe, and suggest a compliance solution based on a combined process and technology approach to track-and-trace.

  • Make the right decisions with Distribution Intelligence

    The addition of modern Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis tools and integration of ‘data warehouses’ containing ERP information have allowed companies to create Business Intelligence (BI) environments that provide greater insight for better and more accurate decision making.

  • The Ultimate Decision - Traditional ERP vs Next Generation WMS

    Few supply chain decisions impact your company’s day-to-day business, financial health, and customer relations more than selecting and implementing a warehouse management system (WMS). The million dollar question is whether to choose your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system’s warehouse module, or a specialized, best of breed WMS.

  • Moving from Excel to a Warehouse Management System

    Many manufacturers, distributors and retailers operate their warehouses using the popular spreadsheet application Microsoft Excel. Unfortunately, Excel is not always well suited for every purpose. A better solution is to entrust the management of your warehouse to a warehouse management system (WMS). A WMS is specially designed for the managing warehouses and features a number of essential industry best practices.

  • Dynaman - Next Generation Warehouse & Operations Management

    Dynaman is an advanced solution that supports critical warehouse operations. It increases the velocity of material flows and enables advanced strategies for value-added services. Iptor understands the challenges many companies are facing on their way to operational excellence and offers Dynaman as a solution. This advanced warehouse & operations management system combines 15 years of experience with state-of-the-art technology.

  • IBS Enterprise Version 8 TEC Certification Report

    This competency signifies that IBS Enterprise Version 8, IBS Business Suite 2016 Release has demonstrated support for specific real-world processes chosen by tech analysts, and that our ERP software has been analytically and comparatively compared against known benchmarks.