Doggy — IBS manufacturing software is Doggy’s best friend

Doggy is the largest manufacturer of dog and cat food in Sweden. The company turned to IBS manufacturing software to streamline is manufacturing process

Mikael Svensson, IT Manager, Doggy explains how IBS software has helped the company gain better control of its supply chain.

Doggy also exports its products to the European market, mainly to Germany, where it has a subsidiary company. In fact, the growing export business accounts for up to 25 percent of Doggy’s turnover.

Business issues

Doggy sells 40,000 tons of pet food each year from its main distribution facility in Sweden, mainly to supermarkets and pet stores. New products are constantly introduced to the market. Food for animals must be of a high quality and meet demanding health standards, no matter whether it is fresh, frozen or processed.

An ‘expert panel’ of 60 cats and dogs thoroughly and continuously tests Doggy’s products. Feedback from these animals is crucial to the activities of the product development department, which focuses on customer satisfaction. If the food is not to the animals' liking, it is back to the drawing board for the product development team.

Managing its manufacturing processes from a customer point of view is extremely important for Doggy. Customer demand-driven manufacturing is the key to profitability and competitiveness.

Doggy’s senior management found it difficult to locate information about annual, weekly and daily historic sales figures under the company’s legacy IT system. This missing information became a rapidly escalating problem that soon hounded the entire company. The lack of historic sales data harmed the sales team’s ability to negotiate additional sales when it came to repeat business, and customer service levels suffered.

Problems with sales order processing created further issues and often led to bottlenecks or out-of-stock situations. Doggy found it was barking up the wrong tree. With such a large chunk of pet food to produce and new products to introduce, Doggy needed a manufacturing software solution that would dramatically improve its manufacturing process and control, as well as promote visibility in its supply chain.

In short, Doggy found significant shortfalls in the information available from its old business system. The company wanted to streamline its manufacturing process, increase turnover, grow its market share, and ultimately, increase profit.

Solution and capabilities

After considering a number of manufacuting software suppliers, Doggy decided that IBS integrated supply chain software offered the right ingredients for the job. IBS manufacturing software is developed to streamline a demand-driven manufacturing process. IBS supply chain management software can also enhance customers’ profitability by increasing sales, reducing costs, shortening lead-times, improving customer service, realizing greater efficiency in internal and external processes and offering excellent visibility of management information.

One of the most important factors in Doggy's choice of IBS was the extensive manufacturing software available. The manufacturing software’s demand-driven functionality is designed to improve supply chain responsiveness through finite capacity planning, operational tools for controlled capital and lean production, and future demand forecasting.

IBS supply chain software is ideally suited to the food distribution industry and also serves up opportunities for quick Return on Investment (ROI) and measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Analyzer software is an extremely useful tool for everyday analysis of operational information and strategic boardroom decision-making. It is geared towards manufacturing, sales, logistics and financials with advanced profitability analysis of both customers and products. The IBS analysis software enables real-time information flow throughout the Doggy organization.

To deliver food products in the quickest, most cost-efficient manner, IBS has provided Doggy with an integrated supply chain solution that automates and optimizes all its processes from manufacturing and warehousing to customer support.

Benefits and value

After implementing IBS manufacturing software, one of the most immediate and impressive benefits for Doggy was a vast improvement in production control. The IBS manufacturing solution has allowed Doggy to take charge of its manufacturing process and management is extremely happy with the result. Today, all costs are accounted for and controlled. This has led to an increase in turnover, together with a more flexible and responsive operation that offers improved stock availability.

The reporting functionality in IBS Analyzer software is crucial for monitoring product profitability and product life cycles. Reports and enquiries are produced much faster than before, leaving more time for staff to concentrate on the development of its customer base.

Doggy has seen its customer service levels rise to a stunning 99 percent since implementing IBS supply chain software. Supply chain integration, intelligent planning tools and tight inventory control have all contributed to improved customer service without increasing stock levels.

For Doggy, IBS supply chain management software has provided improved supply chain visibility. This in turn has brought the company closer together with its customers. Doggy’s senior management is now truly out of the doghouse and can spend more time running a profitable business.

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Company profile

Name: Doggy

Region: Sweden

Operation: Manufacturing and distribution

Products: Dog and cat food

Employees: 140

Revenue: EUR 39 million

Website: Doggy

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  • Constant introduction of new products
  • Need to eliminate sales order processing bottlenecks
  • Need for a demand-driven production process
  • Lack of historic sales figures
  • Lack of supply chain visibility
  • Insufficient visibility of the business processes.


  • Integrated manufacturing software solution
  • Sales order management
  • Distribution
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management
  • Business intelligence
  • Financials.


  • Supply chain visibility
  • Production control
  • Demand-driven manufacturing
  • Finite planning
  • Demand forecasting
  • Detailed sales analysis
  • Decision-making support
  • Enhanced customer support
  • Company-wide performance measurement.


  • Customer service levels up to 99%
  • Improved manufacturing process
  • Increased turnover
  • Optimised stock levels
  • Increased product profitability information for key decision making
  • Increased profit.
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