NetStore is the Self-Service Web Channel for Buyers and Sellers

Powerful, fast and easy

IBS NetStore is an e-business application that provides you fast, easy, low-cost access to new markets. It gives your customers immediate answers for order-related questions, thanks to its complete integration with IBS Enterprise or your existing ERP system.

During this webinar you will see how NetStore:

  • Provides a self-service web channel for purchases, service, incident reports, and even returns or quote requests.
  • Connects to social media.
  • Supports mobility of your salesforce and buyers with iPad and Droid usability.
  • Has Google style product search with image, video, animation viewing capability for multi-item comparisons or multi-field searches.
  • Allows online customer registration, credit check, and credit card authorization.
  • Gives real-time pricing and availability with automatic e-mail confirmation.

NetStore improves the customer experience which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty while lightening the load on your current staff to allow focus on the more complex sales activities.

Download the recording to see how IBS NetStore can also provide account status information including current balance, credit, outstanding payments, and A/R agreements all while you track website visitor behavior like the number of visits, last visit, average session, interrupted orders or transactions per hour of each customer.

You will need Windows Media Player 9 or higher to view the video.

Download Windows Media Player to be able to watch the webinar.

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