Iptor Infrastructure Solutions Support the Backbone of Your Business

Today, information is the new currency of the 21st century. Information stored in your company's IT databank represents the true value of your business. Efficiently exploring that information and making it accessible to all necessary parties has become crucial to your business strategy.

Iptor provides complete IT solutions focused on your business and built upon in-depth industry knowledge, advanced technology and best-in-class service. Our business partners represent the market’s leading technology, including Microsoft, VMware and IBM, who are dedicated to help us design and implement just the right IT solution for your unique business challenge.

Helping your users easily get the right information they need and when they need it is what we do best at Iptor.

Iptor offerings:

Iptor solutions will help you achieve more with less by leveraging virtualization, de-duplication, cloud computing and many other game-changing solutions to your advantage.

We are uniquely qualified to help you assess, implement and optimize your IT infrastructure, bringing the broadest range of solutions to bear on your behalf:

  • Get Virtualized: From the data center to desktop.
  • Reduce Storage: 20% reduction in total cost of ownership within a year.
  • Simplify: Reduce backup time and data by 60%.
  • Save Power: Reduce data center power and cooling costs by 40%.
  • Grow: Manage up to 4x more servers, storage and network devices without adding headcount.

By joining with Iptor, you can meet your most aggressive demands for cost savings and IT efficiencies – and position your organization to thrive in the future.

...Iptor builds powerful IT solutions – from the ground up!


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