IBS RPM - Enterprise Performance Management Software

The one and only closed-loop, real-time performance manager

Business intelligence that is easy-to-find, quick-to-load and available any time, anywhere is vital for smarter, more agile and efficient distribution operations. IBS RPM answers the call with a closed-loop, scalable solution that’s as user-friendly as an internet search browser, yet powerful enough to break down complex, cross-functional barriers for better, more informed decision-making. With IBS RPM, you can eliminate the people-intensive, highly manual reporting and analysis processes that mire organizational decision-making and give your business a responsive new approach to competitive excellence.

Our proven, closed-loop performance management solution lets you:

  • Easily enable and access workspace analytics, scenario workflows, alerts, dashboards and key performance indicators.
  • Leverage unlimited role-based profiles for complete user security coverage.
  • Manage data marts in excess of 10 terabytes, containing over 130 dimensions in a single-production deployment.
  • Perform on-the-fly “what-if” analysis.
  • Write-back to operational systems, closing the loop between planning and execution.
  • Combine actual performance with expected/planned performance.
  • Exercise controls to change future outcomes.
  • Build a continuous planning environment.

Start seeing results consistently, quarter after quarter. Talk to your local representative today and ask about IBS RPM.

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