Bookmaster Publishing & Distribution: Integrated Enterprise Management software.

IBS Bookmaster is a publishing-specific integrated Enterprise Management business software solution designed specifically for the needs of publishers and book distributors operating print and digital businesses. Our software comprises of a robust core distribution, financial and Supply Chain Management (SCM) system with highly functional integration to web-based financial transaction and business management processes.

For publishers challenged to manage content, contracts, rights and payments, as well as reduce business costs and drive revenues across a wide range of digital formats and devices, IBS Bookmaster represents a ground-breaking solution. It enables a digital business model that not only manages digital content distribution from content creation to consumer engagement, it also optimizes systems for growth and business value.

The system incorporates a variety of specialized modules and features important to publishers, including:

IBS Bookmaster Core System

  • Business Intelligence
  • Order Processing and Billing
  • Returns Management
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Demand Planning
  • Purchase Management
  • Shipping Accounting
  • FormsMaster
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable, Claims Control & Tele-collections
  • EDI

Optional Bookmaster Modules

  • e-Commerce and Digital Delivery
  • Editorial and Book Production
  • Royalties, Rights and Permissions
  • Subscriptions
  • Academic Adoptions
  • Customer Relationships Management (CRM)
  • Retail Management (POS)
  • Rebates
  • Commissions
  • Third Party Logistics (3PL)
  • Fixed Assets
  • StoreMaster
  • Advanced Warehouse Management

All of these solutions are part of the Bookmaster Enterprise Management system, developed by the same company and sharing a common database. This makes Bookmaster easier and more economical to implement and maintain than an enterprise-wide solution composed of elements from different sources. One database ensures a “single version of the truth,” regardless of the size and depth of the overall solution. It is also much easier to integrate and maintain than a system with multiple databases.

Bookmaster is developed by International Business Systems (IBS) a software developer with offices in over 20 countries. IBS has specialized in developing software for book publishers and distributors for nearly 30 years. Capture the advantages that come from working with the publishing industry leader.

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