Bookmaster Cloud Solution: Accelerate business value, reduce risk.

No matter how you deploy our software, IBS can help you differentiate from competitors by giving you more advanced, efficient and profitable publishing operations. And, it delivers all the functionality of Bookmaster, combined with the benefits of affordability, flexibility, accelerated business value and reduced risk.

In short, our Cloud Solution puts you back in control of your business by taking responsibility for the implementation, operation, security and care of all your IT requirements. It allows you to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your operations, without having to invest time and money into an expensive large-scale IT infrastructure, which requires significant capital outlay and running costs.

IBS Bookmaster Cloud Solution Benefits


  • Keep pace with business growth
  • On-demand scalability
  • Pricing and licensing to suit your requirements
  • Leverage only as much of the solution as needed
  • Respond rapidly to business changes


  • Reduce upfront capital investment
  • Reduce infrastructure cost
  • Decrease operating costs
  • Lower deployment cost
  • Predictable subscription pricing
  • Lower in-house IT costs
  • Eliminate expenses for idle resources
  • Lower expansion cost

Accelerated Business Value

  • Fast deployment
  • Rapid user adoption
  • Realize improved business processes quickly
  • Fully-tailored solution specific to your needs
  • Comprehensive training
  • Online help

Reduced Risk

  • Total security and disaster recovery
  • 100% data and system availability
  • Reliable backups
  • Fast implementation
  • Focus on business needs not IT issues
  • Test solution before go-live
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Single point-of-contact for support
  • High level of knowledge and experience for support

With the IBS Cloud Solution, hardware and software installation as well as management requirements are handled consistently, securely and reliably. Realize the full benefits and efficiencies of Cloud computing with the IBS Cloud Solution, one of the most affordable and flexible solutions designed to reduce costs, raise revenues and increase overall business profitability.

For complete details, download our brochure now or contact your local IBS office.

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