IBS Enterprise (ERP)


Solutions tailored for scalable distribution business

Your business is distribution. You’re not a supermarket, bank or a mining company, so the software you choose to run your business should be made for a business like yours. Flexible, powerful, streamlined and reliable. It’s what your customers expect.

IBS Enterprise Delivers

Our application software suite, called IBS Enterprise, streamlines, automates and accelerates the critical supply chain processes that determine your success: from inventory planning, purchasing and supplier management through warehouse optimization, value-added services, demand management and returns processing.

IBS Enterprise combines six powerful solution areas into one comprehensive business platform, available in many deployment models, including traditional on-premise, IBS Cloud Solutions and various IBS Managed Services options:
IBS Enterprise helps you transform your supply chain from a cost that simply needs to be managed, into your key competitive weapon. In summary, it enhances your ability to control your entire operation from order to cash, wringing every penny of margin from every process.

Scalable Distribution Management

IBS Enterprise is engineered to scale naturally in line with your sales, markets and execution capabilities, delivering operational efficiencies and business control at every step. And, when deployed on-the-cloud through IBS Cloud Solutions, it allows you to focus more completely on your core business and customer base. If distribution is your business, IBS Enterprise is your software of choice.

  • Scale your sales – IBS Enterprise includes an integrated best-in-class and world-recognized CRM capability, offering a more scalable e-commerce solution, including social media support.
  • Scale your market – IBS Enterprise helps simplify market development by delivering a single global offering with localized languages, business regulations and cultural diversity built in.
  • Scale your execution – Manage network volume and execution with a dynamic, role-based user interface designed to integrate applications and web pages for improved user familiarity and speed-to-market.
  • Scale your efficiency – Increase transaction and data volumes with automated rebate processes and a dynamic tool to rationalize supplier invoicing for increased productivity and time savings.
  • Scale your control – Improve management, reporting and control through a set of integrated planning, real-time monitoring and performance improvement tools.

Distribution ERP: Better management builds a better bottom line.

IBS is the global leader in developing enterprise resource planning solutions for the distribution industry. Our software, systems and processes combine to help you gain visibility into the details of your distribution operation, connect the dots within your supply chain and lower costs for a healthier bottom line.

Talk to an IBS expert and move your Distribution ERP capabilities to a higher level.

At IBS, our distribution ERP consultants have established a proven track record among clients requiring excellence in distribution and supply chain management. If your ability to compete is based on how well you can anticipate and respond to the needs of your end-customer, count on IBS to deliver results.

  • Improve visibility across integrated sales, inventory and shipping databases.
  • Identify and anticipate customer needs.
  • Improve customer relationships through responsive customer service.
  • Maintain a leaner inventory through better buying decisions.
  • Improve vendor and supplier negotiations and relations.
  • Gain flexibility in labor and operations.
  • Control costs and improve throughput.
  • Build customer loyalty through enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Transfer infrastructure equipment responsibilities to us using flexible IBS Managed Services.

We’re ready to take you to the next level. Are ready to move forward with IBS?

TEC Certified ProductIBS Enterprise Version 8 TEC Certification Report
This competency signifies that IBS Enterprise Version 8, IBS Business Suite 2016 Release has demonstrated support for specific real-world processes chosen by tech analysts, and that our ERP software has been analytically and comparatively compared against known benchmarks.