Web Enablement

Online Sales and Subscriptions

For many publishers and book distributors handling the sale of digital products and online subscriptions is potentially complex and costly. To help control these costs and create a more efficient and manageable environment, Bookmaster allows publishers to manage these processes using their own web sites or one created within the Bookmaster system.

IBS Web Enablement products interact with the core Bookmaster system, both online and in real time, to effectively manage core back office operations and provide seamless integration with standard warehouse distribution services.

Digital Product Sales

Bookmaster Web Enablement allows digital-only products to be created and sold along with standard (print media) products. Unique system functions include stock type, costing methods, product combinations and use of sub components as building blocks of a digital product. In addition, online retail operations, such as Amazon, can report sales of digital products using industry standard methods. Bookmaster processes these as a part of the standard sales operations.

Online Subscription Sales

Web Enabled subscriptions accommodate subscription sales made using the publishers own web site or via a customer service center. Typical subscriptions for print media, as well as digital media, are supported and managed by Bookmaster. A consumer may subscribe to a mixed print media product, as well as a digital media product, in both combination and singular. Web-based delivery is also provided.

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