Solutions for the changing world of content distribution

IBS Media provides industry solutions to the $120 billion global publishing industry and the rapidly expanding online new media distribution business. By actively responding to the ground-shaking changes in media from primarily print-centered distribution to an increasingly digitally focused business, IBS Media is helping publishers and intellectual property distributors alike move seamlessly forward in business.

Digital Innovation

IBS Bookmaster and IBS Mediamaster are end-to-end web enablement products engineered to integrate the critical functions of web-order-to-cash and digital and traditional delivery within the framework of your business.

These products allow your customers to transact directly into the IBS system from existing web sites. Digital delivery and subscription-ordering web enablement modules are also available that allow print and digital line items to be embedded within the same order. As a result, you can control all orders through integrated order-to-cash processes, in addition to integrating your channel sales history tracking and financial subsystems.

As the digitization of today’s new media experience progresses in each of the verticals we serve (trade, academic, religious, entertainment and niche publishing and distribution), our system solutions allow you to track profitability through all distribution channels at both artist and sub-rights buyer levels.

Contracts, Rights & Royalty Management

IBS Media’s Contract, Rights & Royalty Management module allows content distributors to manage the complexities of partnerships between publishers, intellectual property owners, consumers and upstream supply chain partners for handling royalties, subsidiary rights and associated financial arrangements. The product enables artist contract management, sub-rights contract management and fully automated transactions. Other features include advanced online web sales capabilities; automated commercial control of both online retailer and consumer sales; systemic control of e-Book distribution and print-on-demand distribution; and online subscription control.

Leveraging over 20 years experience of working with international publishers, book distributors and rich content delivery businesses, IBS Media is perfectly positioned to help seamlessly enable the Digital Supply Chain and still manage the core processes that are the backbone of any distribution business. What’s more, our IBS Cloud Solutions or IBS Managed Services allow you to completely outsource your technology infrastructure, reducing risk, leveling cost, eliminating capital investment and guaranteeing service levels for a safer, more efficient and scalable business platform.

IBS Media ERP Software includes:

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