IBS Bookmaster – Rising to the digital challenge

Claire Peel (global Marketing Manager) interviews Viv Makila (head of P&D) and finds out more about Bookmaster’s roadmap in 4 minutes and 54 seconds. 

For Claire it’s 9am in a Hertfordshire village in England, just above freezing.  Viv, in sunny Sydney, has done a day’s work already and is conducting this interview poolside in his back garden.  We are a diverse team with a lot to offer.

CP: Good morning Viv

VM: It’s 6pm here! 

CP: I guess you want to start your evening so I’ll get straight to it.  We are seeing the publishing industry, worth around $120bn, morph from a primarily print-centered to increasingly digital-focused business?  How much of what we read is hype?

VM: It’s certainly not all hype – customers talk to us daily about their increasing need for digital content and digital delivery systems, with orders placed via self-help web-based, B2B and B2C processes.

CP: How is Bookmaster rising to this challenge?

VM: Bookmaster is engaged in an aggressive development program that enhances our existing capabilities through the addition of web enablement products.  These enhancements provide the ability to integrate the critical functions of web-ordering and digital delivery into the existing framework of Bookmaster modules.  The first set of web enablement products are already in operation at several large customer sites.  These products allow our customers’ customers to transact directly into the Bookmaster system from existing web sites.

CP:  I know you and your team have committed to an impressive roadmap in the coming months – can you share some of these dates with us?

VM:  As a second phase, digital delivery and subscription-ordering web enablement modules will be released by the end of April 2011, so that print and digital line items may be embedded within the same order. This will also allow Bookmaster to control all orders through integrated order-to cash processes, in addition to integrated channel sales history tracking and financial subsystems.

CP:  And what about product enhancements in general, not only those on the digital publishing front?

VM: The highlights in general would be: Digital Publishing, Web Enablement  and CRM-Academic Adoptions integration, all to be delivered by the end of April 2011. These significant extensions will be followed by the long awaited arrival of our new Royalties Rights and Permissions module, as well as the new “Business Intelligence and Operational Reporting” modules in Q3 and Q4 of 2011. 

CP: Tell me a little more about the Rights and Permissions module.

VM: As the digitization of the reading experience progresses in each of the verticals that we serve [trade, academic, religious and niche publishing and distribution], our customers need systems to track profitability of all distribution channels at both the sub-ISBN and super-ISBN levels.  This is supported by the release of the Bookmaster Rights and Permissions module along with ONIX 3.0 support in the second half of 2011.

CP: With these enhancements, can I safely say that the Bookmaster solution maintains its leading position as the global provider of publishing-specific supply chain management software?

VM: Absolutely.

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