Iptor Data Protection Keeps You Up and Running

Without access to critical data, businesses fail to operate. So it’s no secret today that more companies are looking for ways to increase safety and security in their IT environments. At Iptor, our goal is to ensure that your data remains secure in the face of any disaster, so that your business remains operational.

At Iptor, we verify your backups by testing all data stores to ensure data integrity without affecting the availability of your systems. We offer a re-reading test for your critical backups to ensure all prior backups can be re-read.  Here’s how it works:

Restore at Your Premises

  • You deliver backup media to Iptor
  • We restore the backup according to your backup schedule, clearing your data from the test machine

Restore at Iptor

  • You come to Iptor with backup media
  • We restore the backup according to your backup schedule
  • Together, we review data access at our site
  • We clear the data from the test machine under your supervision

Restore Using Iptor-Provided Server

  • Iptor test capabilities are delivered to your site
  • We set up our environment at your LAN
  • We restore the backup according to your backup schedule
  • We review data access
  • We clear your data from the test machine under your supervision

Business Continuity Services

Every company would like technology installed that guarantees 24/7/365 availability, but only a small percentage of them can afford that level of protection. However, even in the best of circumstances, 100% uptime is difficult, if not impossible to achieve. What is important is to come up with a practical disaster recovery strategy that strikes a balance between the amount of downtime and data, or time loss, that your company can bear if the system fails.

When a disaster occurs, simply call our central helpdesk and request that our Disaster Recovery Procedure be activated. We will perform the tasks necessary to help your company recover its IT infrastructure and minimize the impact.

Backup BRMS

IBM Product BRMS "Backup Recovery and Media Services" provides you with the capability to implement a fully automated backup, recovery and media management strategy for your IBM System i product.

Efficient Data Protection Solutions

Minimize your exposure to data loss from disasters while reducing total cost of ownership. Ensure that your applications and data are available during planned and unplanned outages. Get a higher level of data protection, streamline backup and recovery and meet a wide range of service levels. Iptor can help you achieve all these objectives, using technologies such as:

  • Replication (Both as D/R and as backup)
  • De-duplication (Target or source-based)
  • Compression
  • Snapshots

Iptor is your most effective and efficient business data insurance policy!


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