IBS Bookmaster Global Summit Presentations (March, 2012):

The future directions of IBS, our products and services
Pallab Chatterjee, Executive Chairman of IBS 

  • Symphony Technology Group’s acquisition of IBS
  • How it benefits you as an IBS customer

IBS Bookmaster
Ludo Hertroijs VP, IBS Bookmaster

  • Bookmaster’s future direction
  • Why Bookmaster is the supplier of choice - customer and industry alignment

Bookmaster - latest release overview
Viv Makila, Head of P&D, IBS Bookmaster

  • Highlights of what’s new
  • How these developments are in line with market need today and in the future?

Guest Speaker
Andrew Weinstein – AW Media

  • The Ongoing Digital Transition
  • Don’t Leave Your Strategy to Chance

The Publisher on the Web
Brad Jacobson – IBS Bookmaster

  • What can a web site do for my business?
  • What business can I conduct on the web right now with Bookmaster?
  • Web site construction options
  • Functionality: the web site use case method
  • What Bookmaster web products are available?

Guest Speaker
Tom Woll – President - Cross River Publishers Consultants

  • Google, Amazon, Apple and Intellectual Property
  • How to Survive The Technical Turmoil

Intellectual Property Management
Mark Briggs – IBS Bookmaster P&D

  • The IP Value Chain
  • Intellectual property Rights
  • The challenges of complex products
  • Managing a book built from IP objects
  • Exploiting  and selling sub rights

Distribution in an Online World
Viv Makila – IBS Bookmaster

  • How is the digital/web–based business changing the distribution model?
  • Understanding the new business value chain model when selling multiple product types
  • Where does Bookmaster fit in and how does it add value?
  • Know how your business will operate with multiple distribution channels (Wholesale, Digital, POD, Online content)
  • What is the role of each component in this vertical?

Advanced Subscriptions
Brad Jacobson – IBS Bookmaster

  • Subscription Value Chain, Books, Online content and digital Publications
  • The importance of fully integrated operations
  • Multi-Level controls for buying, managing and consuming the subscription
  • Activity management and reporting

Rights and Permissions
Mark Briggs – IBS Bookmaster

  • Royalty Contracts and Management
  • Sub-Rights Contracts and Management
  • Managing Copyright and Licensing
  • 3rd Party Sales Management
  • Financial Integration
  • Managing Royalties and Sub rights at the Content and Product levels

RPM the New Bookmaster Business Intelligence
Venkat Rajan – Symphony

  • RPM, what is it and how does it fit into my business?
  • Bookmaster Sales, Supply Chain, Book Production, Opportunities and Financials example
  • Reporting and monitoring the new web based sales channels

For more information about any of these topics or the launch of Bookmaster Version 8, please contact Laurie Iseman, Director, Americas Marketing at