Managing Rights, Royalties, and Permissions

Webinar: Managing Rights, Royalties, and Permissions

Let’s cut to the chase—as the publishing industry evolves—the management of royalties, subsidiary rights and the associated financial arrangements is increasingly more difficult.

Drum roll, please….Introducing: IBS Rightsmaster

This Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and Permissions solution manages the complexities of contracts, rights and royalty management, and handles the proliferation of product digitization; while still maintaining all your traditional physical book supply chain processes.

In particular:

  • Contracts for IP Acquisition
  • Contracts to Exploit IP Sub Rights
  • Royalty Payments Management
  • Sub Rights Collections Management
  • Automated Financial Management

Watch this webinar to learn how you can track the complete inventory of rights to be acquired or licensed and handle all of the detailed financial obligations, such as royalties, rebates and payments.