IBS Enterprise Value Assessment

Customers have experienced impressive results

Don’t second guess: Introducing IBS Enterprise Value Assessment Program

Watch this webinar recording to learn how IBS customers have debunked the myth identified by Aberdeen that companies use about 30% of their available ERP functionality and unlocked the full potential of their Enterprise.

This new services offering will help your company examine their business processes and apply lean principles to eliminate waste.  Hear in detail how the value assessment process provides you with a tangible plan for current status and future improvements:

  • Meet with key stakeholders to identify the business value of lean concepts
  • Review your business processes to identify key areas of opportunity for improvement
  • Review a detailed report of the current state versus what could be with calculations of savings/benefits

After going through improvements recommended by the LEVA assessment, customers have experienced results like a 54% reduction in lead times, 63% reductions in warehouse process time, and 90% reduction in time to customer.

Watch this webinar, now, to learn how you too can take advantage of the IBS Value Assessment program.