Seco is cutting edge on the worldwide tools market

Seco Tools needed new business software that would product accurate demand forecasts and help the company grow in an international environment

Innovation and service

Seco Tools’ business concept is to develop, manufacture and market globally chip-forming machinery to customers who demand exacting levels of quality, service, and cost-efficiency. The product program comprises milling, turning, drilling and holding systems.

Based in Sweden, Seco Tools runs 36 operations on a worldwide basis including Europe, Asia Pacfic, the Americas and the Indian subcontinent. Each year the company delivers millions of tools to the machining industries around the world.

Accuracy and precision

Seco’s customers are the world’s manufacturing industry. There is no metal-based manufacturing company that does not use a tool at some stage of its process. Seco works to extremely tight tolerances – down to a thousandth part of a millimetre. Customers have learned to expect deliveries within 24 hours of placing an order. As a natural consequence of this, Seco requires accurate demand forecasts for pricing and purchasing and sales tools that help attract and retain customers.

As a global organisation, Seco’s IT solution must provide multi-company, multi-currency and multi-language capabilities. In addition, Seco requires software that is totally integrated, providing the ability to cover all business processes from manufacturing through to business intelligence and financials.

Relying on experience

Seco has been a long-standing customer of IBS and has implemented its integrated supply chain software suite in 22 countries. The company has remained loyal to IBS for a number of reasons. First, the IBS solution has been developed for industrial supplies organisations like Seco; second is IBS’ software, which addresses Seco’s worldwide requirements; and the third factor is IBS’ ease of implementation and smooth upgrade capabilities.

Seco recognises that IBS offers a world of experience and expertise as an international software provider of business solutions. Global business solutions be capable of meeting the standards of new international trade. IBS has successfully delivered complete information systems for worldwide operations, as well as local businesses, proving that IBS products are suited to global organisations like Seco.

Approximately 30 percent of all tools are sold to customers via the Internet using Seco’s online store. All details are integrated into IBS software, providing a smooth and seamless order process.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has allowed Seco to speed up the process between the subsidiaries and parent company with central warehouses.

Seco also uses IBS software to enter orders, fulfil and ship orders, operate warehouses, receive purchase orders and perform associated accounting processes. The company maintains customers’ records, ordering and product information including pricing to support its operations’ activities within the system.

The IBS solution lets Seco use one single point of contact for overseeing its entire customer relationship management. By having a total view of its customers, Seco can anticipate and meet their unique requirements and earn their loyalty in a consistent, profitable manner.


Seco is extremely pleased with its decision to stay with IBS software. The Singapore and Malaysia operations were the first to go live with the latest release. Other locations will be implemented in a step-wise manner until all countries are live. To make each upgrade smoother,  Seco has taken a leading role in the implementation. Each installation will be implemented quickly and efficiently, while ensuring that the system complies with all business practices and laws, along with multi-currency and multi-lingual requirements. A small team of IBS-trained specialist consultants will configure the system, map the business processes and then train Seco users.

The implementation at Seco is based upon IBS’ standard project methodology known as Implementation Control Process (ICP). ICP enables both customers and IBS to implement a thoroughly tested business system on time and within budget. The ICP model is continuously developed and refined. Project milestones are regularly reviewed, whereby know-how and experience are proliferated throughout the company.

Sharpening Seco’s edge

The product and customer profitability reports available with IBS software have had a positive impact on Seco’s sales revenue, allowing the company to target improvements in its more deficient areas.

IBS software has helped Seco increase its reputation for getting orders out of the door more efficiently. Customer service is improving all the time: clients know that if they order today, goods will be delivered by tomorrow at the latest.

The IBS Financials solution meets all the reporting objectives that Seco management requires to run a global organisation with multi-currency, multi-lingual and seamless cross-border financial management.

The integrated nature of IBS’ software product is the ideal business solution for Seco, providing the company with a competitive edge by making its operations better, faster and more profitable.

After implementing the latest release of IBS software, Seco will have even more control of its inventory, will be more productive and will quickly realise the numerous benefits available from this upgrade.

Like Seco’s own products, IBS software is developed using quality tools, is precise in its operation and utilises the best productivity staff. The solution ensures continuing good customer service while delivering a secure, reliable and robust system.

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Company profile

Name: Seco Tools

Region: Worldwide

Operation: Manufacturing and distribution

Products: Tools for manufacturing

Website: Seco Tools

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  • Need to handle multiple companies, languages and currencies
  • Need for comprehensive cross-border management accounting
  • Requirement for customer-facing point of contact
  • Need to gain even more control of inventory.


  • Leading-edge software solution for industrial supplies distribution
  • Modules for:
  • e-business
  • Sales order management
  • CRM
  • Distribution
  • Warehouse management
  • Manufacturing
  • Business intelligence
  • Financials.


  • Multi-language functionality
  • Multi-currency functionality
  • Sales performance measurement
  • Customer/product profitability reporting
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Single point of contact for all customer information
  • New versions of IBS software with ongoing enhancements.


  • More efficient and effective financial reporting
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Better and faster operations
  • Improved decision-making
  • Increased turnover
  • Increased profit.