Iptor Managed Services Is Your “One-Stop” IT Shop

Iptor Managed Services Is Your “One-Stop” IT Shop

Iptor maintains data centers all over Europe, where we deliver managed services to more than 100 customers internationally.

With our know-how in applications, hardware, software and systems management, we are well positioned to be your application services provider, offering "One-Stop Shop" capabilities. We have packaged solutions in ERP, supply chain management, warehouse management, e-business applications, ERP and archiving and standard application solutions such as e-mail. Our offerings are priced on a monthly payment per user, or capacity-based.

Why a Subscription Service Makes Sense for IT?

  • No IT infrastructure, no specialized IT personnel and lower IT costs
  • More effective allocation of scarce resources
  • Improved cost control and efficiency
  • Secure Internet work environment
  • Reliable and timely backups
  • Flexibility

Focus on your business...Let Iptor do the rest!

Iptor Remote Monitoring Service Never Sleeps

We monitor and manage all incidents in your IT infrastructure (Servers, Network, Applications, etc.). Iptor will monitor your data center through a VPN or a fixed connection. We run a 24/7/365 master operation center. The operation center reacts to automatic alerts and contacts the right resources needed to fix any problem and, if necessary, we contact you personally for further remediation.

Rest assured, Iptor has your covered!

High Availability

The Iptor High Availability and Disaster Recovery Services (HA & D/R) provide a way for clients to acquire high availability or disaster recovery computer capacity without having to own their own system for this. The HA & D/R Services can complement the Iptor Cloud Solutions or be used as an offsite solution for clients who own their own local systems.

The HA Service mirrors all data to a system located in the Iptor data center.  Depending on which HA solution is being used, the mirrored system will contain a copy of selected parts of the production system.

Disaster Recovery

The HA & D/R Services can complement the Iptor Cloud Solutions or be used as an offsite solution for clients who own their local systems.

Disaster Recovery is a service where Iptor provides an empty partition only running the system software. In case of disaster, the capacity of the partition can be increased and the client's system can be installed in the partition.

Hardware Hosting

The Iptor Hardware Hosting Service (Hosting Service) provides a way for clients to acquire a safe environment for their critical computer systems in the Iptor data center. It also gives the client the possibility to acquire monitoring and incident management services from Iptor.


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