Iptor virtualizes Malungs Elnät in Sweden

Malungs Elnät overhauls its IT environment with a dynamic infrastructure solution from Iptor. The new virtualized environment will ensure the firm's ability to service own, maintain and manage theits service of the power line, that supplies light and heat to approximately 13,300 customers in the area of Malung and Sälen in the North of Sweden, well into the future.

Having outgrown their IT environment, Malungs Elnät recently decided to overhaul the entire infrastructure in order to upgrade and virtualize their IT environment for future needs.

With the help of Iptor, Malungs Elnät has implemented a dynamic infrastructure solution with more flexibility and with possibilities to scale up as the needs grow. This has been achieved by consolidating the existing Intel environment.

Moreover, Iptor has delivered a virtualization solution with dual mirrored Intel servers, connected to a common SAN (Storage Area Network), in both of the customer's data centers. To further ensure business continuity, a backup solution has also been installed. The backup solution is based on fiber tape drivers for IBM i5 server and backup to disk.

The new flexible virtualized environment secures upcoming capacity needs and opens up for the plans of implementing new releases of IBS applications in the future.


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