Webinar: Implement a Single Fulfillment System for Print, POD and Digital

A webinar exclusively for book publishers-distributors.
Publishers: Integrate all your systems for digital, print and POD
Originally Presented: Thursday, May 23rd, 2013





Are you struggling to integrate digital, print and POD into your overall business system?

Join this webinar to learn how our customers are successfully managing this 'mixed-mode' distribution environment and realizing these benefits: 

  • 80% increase in shipping volume with only 27% increase in staffing
  • Print, digital, and POD line items processed automatically in the same order
  • Order-to-ship for physical inventories reduced from 2+ days to less than an hour
  • Manage complex Rights, Royalties and Permissions seamlessly

Whether your orders come from aggregators, email, snail-mail, EDI, from your website or all of the above, we can help you eliminate inefficient overlapping systems, and provide a single backbone that puts all your information in one place. 

“Our decision to purchase the IBS Bookmaster system has paid off. The changing needs of book distribution are constantly addressed, and operational efficiencies are steadily improving. 

Stacey Armstead, Manager of Information Systems, 
 Hopkins Fulfilment Services, USA

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