Ultra Hardware launches EDI with help of IBS Consulting

Second of a three-part webinar series demonstrates how to reduce current or prospective EDI expenses up to 10x.  Yes, to a factor of 10!

During this session, you can ask Michael Perilli, CIO of Ultra Hardware, how Ultra Hardware utilizes IBS EDI Consulting to optimize EDI practices.  Bob Pascoe, IBS EDI Consulting Manager, will show how IBS works with you to understand where you would like to be in the world of Electronic Data Interchange.

IBS EDI Consulting asks questions like:

  • Can your current EDI efforts be quantified into actual time and dollars saved?
  • What keeps you from expanding your EDI strategy to include all partners, customers, distributors, and suppliers if you could?
  • How are you using current value added networks to exchange EDI?
  • What percent of your CRM, ERP, SCM, Internet, or other parts of your business is conducted via EDI?
Download to learn more about how IBS staff's 125+ years of EDI experience can help you increase your 2011 profits.

You will need Windows Media Player 9 or higher to view the video.

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