The Wholesale Distribution Solution That’s Taking You to the Cloud.

According to IDC, 80% of new enterprise apps will be deployed on cloud platforms and 64% of businesses already have at least one cloud application deployed.

Doug Braun, CEO of IBS, said in our November 15th launch of the Cloud press release, “Distributors were looking for an ironclad cloud solution that was secure, flexible, agile. To meet this need, IBS designed a cloud offering specifically to accelerate the speed of their business today.”

The Cloud appeals to customers of IBS Enterprise and Bookmaster because it offers:

  • Peace of mind. IBS monitors your infrastructure to prevent or resolve problems
  • Simplicity. IBS provides many services remotely instead of through on-site visits
  • 24/7 support. IBS offers the assistance you need, as you need it
  • Lower upfront costs and quicker speed to value. Deploy immediately for faster ROI.

Watch this webinar to learn how working with a trusted partner is the only way to transition to the cloud.