Simplify integration, process synchronization, data management and replication

Get connected

With IBS Integrator you can easily connect with everyone from customer ERP systems, shippers, 3PLs, suppliers, financial institutions, service providers, web portals and external databases – as well as any of your own organization’s systems faster and with less administration.

This powerful tool can handle your most complex integration and communication processes with the 250 built in functions.  IBS Integrator:

  • Enables physical integration of any application or datasource
  • Will monitor your systems and alert you of integration issues
  • Puts a process definition in place and workflow engine on top of system integration layers
  • Enables opportunities for greater customer service, revenues and loyalties
  • Lowers total systems costs
  • Extends current systems lifetimes
  • Provides company-wide visibility that can decrease warehouse stock, wastage, labor and production costs

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