IBS Enterprise Available on IBM PureFlexSystems

 IBS Enterprise streamlines, automates and accelerates the critical supply chain processes that determine your success from inventory planning, purchasing and supplier management through warehouse optimization, value-added services, demand management and returns processing. IBS Enterprise is now available on IBM PureFlexsystems, an infrastructure system that provides an integrated computing system, which combines servers, storage, networking, virtualization, and management into a single structure.

Solution choices to meet your business demands

To meet today’s complex and ever-changing business demands, you need a solid foundation of server, storage, networking and software resources that is simple to deploy and can quickly and automatically adapt to changing conditions. You also need access to — and the ability to take advantage of —  broad expertise and proven best practices in systems management, applications and hardware maintenance. PureFlexSystem with IBS Enterprise is the answer to meet these complex and changing business demands.

Talk to an IBS expert and improve your Distribution ERP capabilities.

At IBS, our distribution ERP consultants have established a proven track record among clients with more than 30 years of excellence in distribution and supply chain management. If your ability to compete is based on how well you can anticipate and respond to the needs of your end-customer, count on IBS to deliver results.

  • Improve visibility across integrated sales, inventory and shipping databases.
  • Identify and anticipate customer needs.
  • Improve customer relationships through better customer service.
  • Maintain a leaner inventory through better buying decisions.
  • Improve vendor and supplier negotiations and relations.
  • Gain flexibility in labor and operations.
  • Control costs and improve throughput.
  • Build customer loyalty through enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Transfer infrastructure equipment responsibilities to us using flexible IBS Managed Services.

We’re ready to take you to the next level. Are ready to move forward with IBS?

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