Rörvik to develop with IBS Wood and IBS RPM

Press Release

Rörvik Timber is a wood processing company that operates ten production units in Southern Sweden. The group comprises seven saw-mills, a pressure impregnation department and units for construction profiles and stable bedding. The group has the capacity to process 950,000 m3 of sawn timber goods annually.

Rörvik Timber’s business is built on efficient, value-creating logistics with optimised manufacturing at seven saw-mills. Sales are made through dedicated sales companies in Sweden and Denmark. In order to focus on the control and follow-up of the business – from both operative and strategic perspectives – the company is now upgrading to the latest version of IBS Wood. This is a sector solution designed specifically for saw-mills and wood processing companies, and based on IBS Enterprise, IBS’ world-leading business system.

IBS Wood neatly covers all Rörvik’s sales processes such as contract sales, price list sales, telesales to distribution warehouses, and trading sales. To provide support for decisions, the system features a unique time axis that presents the available balance on a given date. It also includes warehouse, sales, purchase and manufacturing orders, internal material requirements and forecasts.

IBS Wood covers Rörvik's product support requirements as well, with features including planning tools and reports on all the processing stages at the sawmills: cutting, drying, alignment, planing, finger-jointing, impregnation and so on. The planning support function incorporates all the information a planner needs, presented in a straightforward manner.

In addition, IBS Wood accommodates Rörvik’s requirements for delivery planning, covering everything from deliveries that involve one vehicle visiting multiple delivery addresses, to those that require several vehicles to deliver to the same address. In the field of exports, the system monitors every single vessel linked to a contract and/or a sub-order.

The delivery to Rörvik includes IBS RPM (Real-time Performance Manager), a unique report package for following up on the basis of key figures for the industry. IBS RPM provides Rörvik with access to a tool that is capable of generating real-time reports in a variety of formats. Rörvik will thus have access to a system that has been pre-loaded with the item groups and measurement figures used in the industry. As such, Rörvik can directly generate reports on areas such as wood type, dimensions and quality, with links to all databases: warehouse, sales, purchases, manufacture and finance, for example.

Lars Nordström, CFO at Rörvik
“The primary goal of this investment is to boost efficiency,” explains Lars Nordström, CFO at Rörvik. “Having all information easily available in a single system will help us to work more efficiently at all our plants. The sector-specific reporting tool from IBS will allow the management team and the board to steer and follow up on our business at an aggregated level.”

The installation is expected to come online in Q4 2012.