IBS leave Cockpit to Triona

Press Release

International Business Systems (STO: IBS B), a leading provider of business software for wholesale and distribution, today announced that it sells Cockpit, IBS solution for transportation management, to Triona AB. The agreement means that Triona will take over all operations, including the employees and develop the next generation of the system.

IBS has for many years supplied IBS Enterprise to the transportation industry where the CockPit was a supplement to the handling of customers' business flow and transport management. IBS sale of flight is part of the concentrate, while ensuring the continued development of the system.

Triona AB has broad expertise in everything from geographical systems to business systems and solid knowledge of systems development and management of systems suitable for transportation and logistics. All of this gives customers a powerful future partners.

"Trionas expertise in logistics in conjunction with our expertise in the mobile section provides great value for our customers and IBS. We have an explicit strategy to develop the transport and logistics sector and the efforts of CockPit, we take another step in that direction. We aim to provide existing and new CockPpit users to enhance their competitiveness by using our expertise and the IT solutions we provide. " says Mats Bayard, president of Triona AB.

"With the transfer of CockPit to Triona gives our customers a great opportunity to develop further. We are pleased that CockPit found a new home with Triona, which is a financially stable company with long-term ownership. The sales of CockPit to Triona is a further step to focus IBS operations on core business. In parallel with the transfer companies also signed agreements on exchange of services, which companies are convinced is the best solution for all parties, " says Christian Paulsson, acting CEO of IBS.

Triona AB

Triona is an IT company that combines great business skills in particular transport infrastructure; traffic, transport, forestry, sawmill and wood flows with expertise in systems development and system management.
Our customers are mainly in Sweden and Norway but we see Nordic region as our home market. Annual sales total approximately SEK 120 million and employs approximately 120 employees.

Triona is connected to the Alternative Stock Market.