International Business Systems (IBS AB) announces the general availability of IBS Enterprise7

Press Release

New major release of IBS’ flagship distribution management system.

Stockholm, Sweden, October 7, 2010 – International Business Systems (STO: IBS B), the leading application supplier for wholesale and distribution, announced today the general availability of IBS Enterprise7, a new major release of the IBS Enterprise suite. Designed and architected with business scalability in mind, IBS Enterprise7 promises to be the only distribution management system a company needs regardless of size, location, reach or complexity. With more than 150 different and new areas of functionality, IBS Enterprise7 will help organizations scale their sales, markets, execution capabilities, and most importantly their efficiencies and control.  

“Our vision of Scalable Distribution is to ensure that our customers never outgrow their core business applications. With IBS Enterprise7 we continue to deliver the robust proven solutions that our customers have now enjoyed for over 30 years. Now with increased scalability, our customers and indeed future customers, can be sure that they will never outgrow their application needs. Scalable Distribution is something all of our customers strive for, and now they know that their business software infrastructure will assist them achieving it.” said Andy Bailey, Chief Marketing Officer at International Business Systems.

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Jeanette Cronstedt Lind
Corporate Marketing, IBS AB
Tel: +46-70-860 25 73

More information about IBS Enterprise7:

Scale your sales

Distribution companies invariably operate in increasingly complex markets, with tightening margins, greater competition and a never-ending focus on sales and improved customer service. To help facilitate a greater scalability around sales execution, and in response to significant customer requests, IBS Enterprise7 now includes a new integrated best-in-class and world-recognized CRM offering. Additional and significant enhancements have also been developed to deliver more scalable e-commerce solutions, including a sophisticated portlet architecture for social media and customer self-service.

Scale your market

Pushing into new markets and deepening market penetration and share has become commonplace in wholesale and distribution, with companies needing to extend their basis of operations as well as their range of product and services. In short, today’s demand-driven distributor needs to be scalable and global. IBS Enterprise7 helps simplify that challenge by delivering a single offering but with localized language, business regulations and cultural facets built in. IBS Enterprise7 helps companies easily expand their business in other countries, with a localized system that still provides a consolidated view, visibility across territories and common application platform. For example IBS Enterprise7 includes business processes that allow distributors to sell products across different legal companies, whether the goods are stored in their own warehouses, within the company group or by a supplier.

Scale your execution

Increased volumes and more complex networks mean that execution capabilities need to grow. IBS Enterprise7 includes a new role-based user interface with dynamic and scalable integration to different applications and web-pages, allowing user familiarity and rollout in the fastest possible time.

Scale your efficiency

Increasing transaction and data volumes can in turn lead to out-of-control inefficiencies. IBS Enterprise7 ensures organizations never fall into the pit of growth paralysis, with many new automated processes. These include automated customer and supplier rebate processes and a dynamic tool to rationalize the supplier invoice process, resulting in increased productivity and significant time savings.

Scale your control

The specific processes of wholesale and distribution require specific management, reporting and controls; we call it Distribution Intelligence. A set of integrated planning, real-time monitoring and performance improvement tools, Distribution Intelligence provides everything needed to ensure companies stay in control of their business, no matter how small or large.

IBS in brief

With over 30 years of experience, IBS is a leading provider of distribution management solutions. IBS focuses on industries such as automotive, electrical components, paper & packaging and pharmaceutical distribution. More than 4,000 customers across some 40 countries use IBS software to gain fast and measurable returns on IT investments.

IBS B share is listed on NASDAQ OMX First North Exchange Stockholm. For more information, please visit