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IBS Bookmaster, focused on providing industry solutions to the $120 billion global publishing industry, is actively responding to ground-shaking changes as customers morph from primarily print-centered to increasingly digital-focused businesses. The result of this change is not only the demand for digital content, but also the demand for digital delivery systems, with orders placed via self-help, web-based B2B and B2C processes.

The Digital Supply Chain sits precariously near the top of almost every publishing company’s priority list. For many in the publishing industry, the mere term Digital Supply Chain is enough to cause agitation. It is broad and vague and covers a range of possibilities for products, technologies and services, but presents no easy solution for managing them – until now.

Leveraging over 20 years experience of working with international publishers and book distributors, IBS Bookmaster is perfectly positioned to help seamlessly enable the Digital Supply Chain and still manage the core processes that are the backbone of any publishing business.

Value Drivers

IBS Bookmaster is a fully integrated ERP system for book publishers with strong distribution and warehouse management capabilities. Most recently, we have developed future-proof products to deliver the new Rights, Royalties and Permissions Management modules needed to complement an effective digital supply chain solution.

  • We have integrated digital warehousing and subscription web services into our existing Bookmaster solutions.
  • Our digital supply chain solutions encompass the process of delivering digital media, be it books, music or video, by electronic means, from the point of origin (content provider) to destination (consumer).
  • Our solutions provide publishers the ability to release one chapter or many chapters or illustrations from a book independently as viable products.
  • Publishers can combine segments from different books or journals to create targeted commercial offerings and provide accessibility to backlist and out-of-print titles in the absence of traditional print inventory.
  • Our Contracts, Rights & Royalty Management module allows publishers to manage the complexities of partnerships between publishers, intellectual property owners, consumers and upstream supply chain partners.
  • All IBS solutions are designed to work with and complement well-established publishing and book distribution processes.

As the digitization of the reading experience progresses in each of the verticals we serve (trade, academic, religious and niche publishing and distribution), our customers need systems that will track profitability through all distribution channels at both the sub-ISBN and super-ISBN levels. In light of the changing publishing landscape, IBS maintains its leading position as the primary global provider of integrated supply chain management systems to this rapidly changing industry.

IBS publishing clients include Gill & MacMillan, McGraw-Hill, Harcourt Education, LexisNexis, BookSource, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster, among others.