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Wholesale distribution in the automotive aftermarket can be challenging enough without negotiating the complexities of re-manufacturing (ReMan), electronic parts cataloging and post-sale service management. The ability to account for profits in the ReMan business alone can chip away at already thin margins, if not managed efficiently. And, as OEMs continue to evolve their product lines and update their parts catalogs, today’s information can fall quickly out of date without a real-time, online parts catalog available across the supply chain. To make up ground, innovative parts distributors are building service revenue streams into their business models. This, however, adds new difficulty in tracking the service history of a product throughout the maintenance lifecycle.

To remain competitive and continue to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry, many automotive aftermarket distributors are turning to IBS for solutions.

Business Drivers

IBS has mastered the intricacies of the automotive aftermarket, as evidenced by the wide acceptance of our software in the industry. With it, you can efficiently process more business, at a lower cost, and gain a singular view of your entire supply chain for improved margins and better customer service. By providing you with the technology and support you need to achieve true business integration, IBS makes you more competitive, more responsive and more profitable than ever.

    • Global supply and demand means you need a single system in all your operations for inventory visibility in your supply, sales and service networks.
    • High volumes and fast turn-around require accurate warehouse routines and accurate procurement. An electronic parts catalog and integrated EDI (electronic data interchange) can help you automate and track orders through your supply chain to the customer level.
    • Product-lifecycle information is essential to achieve profitable ReMan and post-sale service offerings.
    • The dynamic nature of your business means you need to be agile, responsive and control costs by automating processes wherever possible.

At IBS, our experts build more than two decades of industry-specific experience into our software. And because we have a one-on-one relationship with all our customers we understand exactly what you need and deliver.

IBS Automotive enables the speedy, seamless implementation of your precise system needs. It is modular. It can grow as you grow. It is ready to cope with the cost demands of today’s dealer networks.

IBS automotive clients include Meca, Potter Webster, Mighty Products, US Tire and Exhaust, Worldpac/Carquest, InterAmericana Transport, Gillig, and Mohawk among others.