EDI/B2B Audit Review


Today many IBS clients are faced with having to re-evaluate their existing EDI/e-Commerce direction. Company executives are being forced to ask hard questions:

  • Have you lost first-rate customer service?
  • Have you lost green screen support?
  • Have you received a letter explaining your existing release has been a victim of a “sunset policy”?

Are you being forced to purchase an “upgrade” for several thousand dollars to be able to have:

  • Internet protocol connectivity?
  • Access to an enhanced technical support infrastructure?
  • Electronic access and notification of software updates and maintenance patches?

Are you concerned about rising VAN charges?

Do you have questions about XML protocols?

Many companies doing EDI today are being forced to consider these questions. At IBS we feel that when you join in a “partnership” with an e-Business partner that partner should be with you for the long run.

With IBS’s vast experience implementing EDI and B2B tools and our knowledge of various EDI software packages that we can help you determine the best EDI direction for your specific company objectives.

These are the types of symptoms that we’ve identified – and resolved – during our EDI/B2B Audit reviews. Resolution has ranged from minor procedural changes and retraining to full re-implementation or system upgrades.

Your business requirements, and your resources, have changed a great deal since your original implementation. The IBS EDI/B2B Audit review is designed to work with you to identify the best way to apply available eCommerce tools EDI, B2B and communications – to manage your EDI/B2B environment successfully - today.

A typical EDI/B2B Audit review will address one or more of these business areas – targeting those processes that require – or provide – system data and generated outputs. The following explains these specific processes.

EDI/B2B Audit Review

Analyze and Document Current EDI Environment
  • Determine existing standards and processes involved with the organization’s current procedures
  • Utilize existing personnel to determine the nature of all trading partners including inbound versus outbound transactions, frequency and volatility of scheduled events
  • Determine capabilities not currently met by existing EDI Environment
EDI Transaction Processing and Integration
  • Determine requirements to convert existing transactions, procedures and trading partners
  • Examine the priority transactions and their impact on the business cycle
  • Schedule the processing of events in order to provide the application system with accurate and timely data
EDI Implementation Process
  • Schedule time to meet with technical and functional EDI support personnel
  • Document current EDI environment and requirements within
  • Develop EDI strategy for meeting requirements
  • Produce EDI strategy in Project Definition Memorandum
  • Present findings

Guidelines and Assumptions

  1. Above is based on previous EDI/B2B Audit experience, estimates may change after initial requirements review meeting
  2. All interviews will be handled in one specific site
  3. Review process will commence and conclude with an on-site meeting with Client management committee, to provide:
    • Initial direction and identification of interview candidates
    • Definition of current issues and priorities
    • Presentation of findings and recommendations

 Total Investment

Segment Interview Days
Perform Audit, Interview Personnel, Research existing EDI/B2B
Report Preparation 2
Present Findings 1
Total: 8

This investment is based on a high level review of the system intended to provide a strategic review identifying “What” needs to be accomplished but not necessarily the “How “ to accomplish it.

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