Publishing Financials

Publishing Financials: Achieving timely, accurate financials for continued, expanding success.

Perhaps one of the most daunting and overwhelming challenges in today’s new media publishing environment is the effective management and oversight of the financials. New sales channels have recently sprung up, including consumer-direct access to products, series subscriptions, mixed media offerings and never-out-of-print publications. Self-service portals demand effective order status, account payment, contact maintenance and sales and subscription management to control cost and turn a profit. And, with administrators, buyers and consumers all exercising varying levels of control in the process, items such as rights control, payment management and content assignment have become increasingly complex.

Managing these variables across a dispersed digital supply chain requires powerful, flexible software – especially when global language and currency issues enter the fray. To relieve all concerns, IBS presents the best-of-breed in publishing financials management. Our Bookmaster solution effectively manages your accounting, revenue and payment processes through a full-featured, integrated online system that:

  • Accounts for all new media and traditional delivery options.
  • Automates rights and permissions accounting.
  • Integrates sales from third party aggregators.
  • Offers a single view of all products and sales for real-time control.
  • Delivers critical business intelligence and analysis for improved decision-making.
  • Incorporates an extremely user-friendly, intuitive dashboard system to ensure maximum productivity across your enterprise.

IBS has poured more than 20 years experience in the publishing industry into the engineering of this proven, flexible software. Our expert team of professional consultants stands ready to assist you with an end-to-end roll-out of your customized solution, from design and build through implementation and support.

Get your arms around the critical financial information you need to drive your publishing distribution business to new heights. Ask your IBS representative for a walk-through demonstration of IBS Bookmaster today.

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