Bookmaster Digital Product Supply Chain: Complexity, effectively managed.

Digital content distribution refers to a wide range of technologies and approaches to delivering content or intellectual property to consumers via e-commerce in a downloadable format. The digital supply chain opens the door to new business models. Publishers can release one chapter, or many chapters or illustrations from a book independently as viable products; they can combine segments from different books or journals to create targeted commercial offerings; they can provide accessibility to backlist and out-of-print titles without incurring print, inventory or distribution costs.

Additionally, customers can enjoy the flexibility of accessing content in a variety of ways to best suit their own needs. Effectively managing the digital distribution process is critical to the success of the supply chain.

Digital Supply Chain Management Issues Include:

  • Format: Will the consumers be able to access and use the product once acquired?
  • Financial: Will the copyright owners be properly compensated for sale of the product?
  • Rights: Can appropriate rights and permissions be granted and Permissions managed through the transaction process?
  • Delivery: How will the publisher control and manage the delivery to the customer?
  • Partnerships: What processes within the supply chain will be outsourced?
  • Sales: How will product sales be reported and managed through to the GL?

IBS Bookmaster can be leveraged in all areas of the digital supply chain, whether you are managing content, data, partner relationships, royalties, rights and permissions, revenue, P&L, or interfacing with third-party systems. Count on our 30 years in the publishing industry to help guide you through the process.

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