Know Your Competitors: The most Accountable Heads in Publishing

The birth of the digital supply chain raises many issues and even the wisest and most savvy publishers don’t have all the answers.  However, just knowing what’s on the minds of these go-getters gives you valuable insight into why these publishers have the edge.

6 Questions the most accountable heads in publishing are asking right now:

  1. Delivery – What options do I have to manage and control digital product delivery to the customer?
  2. Format  - How can I ensure that our consumers will be able to seamlessly access and use the product once acquired?
  3. Rights & Permissions – How do I ensure that appropriate rights and permissions be granted and enforced through the transaction process?
  4. Financial – How will I ensure the copyright owners will be properly compensated for all sales of the product, in all formats?
  5. Sales - How can I be sure all my product sales will be accounted for?
  6. Partnerships - What elements within my supply chain could be outsourced – and what impact might that have on my margin?

An integrated digital supply chain relies on a core business platform providing management and control of today’s critical business functions.  Visit us at LBF stand U730 or BEA booth 2014 to find out how we are helping our customers take advantage of change ahead of the rest.

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