IBS Bookmaster - Know Our Team: Daniela Pintabona

A People Profile on Daniela Pintabona, Professional Services Manager, EMEA

Daniela Pintabona

Daniela Pintabona

Age: 33
Position: Professional Services Manager

When did you join IBS?
In 2003

What roles have you had and what do you do now?
I have been fortunate to have had exposure to many parts of the organisation. I started in a service account management role and within 5 days I moved to internally project managing the POS development project for Juta South Africa. I have also moved into roles including Business Consulting, Project Management, Pre Sales, Resource Management and am now Professional Services Manager in Europe.   This has given me the opportunity to wear many hats within the Bookmaster team. 

What customers do you work with and what do you like about working with them?
I work very closely with most of our customers in Europe including Pearson, Gill & Macmillan, CJ Fallon, Carroll Education and 2 new customers to be announced shortly. I also work very closely with LexisNexis South Africa who is managed through Europe.
Our customers’ requirements can be quite diverse; it is very rewarding working with them on challenging projects, especially projects which contribute to improving the product. I like the period around a ‘go live’, it is always a very exciting time, watching months and months of hard work all finally come together.   I also enjoy the Irish sense of humour and the hospitality from South Africa where a ‘go live’ and trip to a game park go hand in hand. 

What is your best experience at IBS?
My best experience would definitely be moving to the UK, being part Bookmaster’s expansion across Europe and working with such a fantastic team. Having only had a small footprint in such a large market, it has been fantastic to have been involved in the growth process. In the past 4 years we have had 7 new Bookmaster implementation’s and gained 5 new major customers. 

What do you think are the key benefits that IBS Bookmaster provides to its customers?
I think the key benefits are:

  • It was designed by the industry for the industry. We have worked closely with many of our customers over the past 25 years to develop a powerful integrated end to end solution managing all process from concept to dispatch.
  • It incorporates a variety of industry specific modules and features required by many publishers and book distributors including Royalties, Returns, Subscriptions, Editorial & Book Production, Direct Mail, Academic Sales, Title Management, Title Restrictions and much more
  • As it is an industry specific solution, it continues to expand based on the demands of the industry with the soon to be released digital distribution, web enablement and CRM & Academic Adoptions integration. Also in the roadmap for 2011 is the Rights and Permissions module
  • It is highly flexible and configurable, enabling a small FasTrax business to run on the same platform as complex multi company, multi currency businesses such as Pearson Education. 

What company were you with before IBS?
I worked as a contractor with a Senior Project Manager for an Australian Government Housing Department on an AUD$8m SAP HR/Payroll roll out. 


If you could have any job (apart from this one) what would it be?
Ideally I would be running my own Business, or running an exclusive small island somewhere in the Caribbean.  The key to having the perfect job for me would be to find that balance between work and having an amazing lifestyle. 

What mobile phone do you have and what do you think of it?
I have a Nokia E72 as our IT Department would not give me an iPhone. Will the IT Department be reading this newsletter?  I hope so.

Where do you live?
West Hampstead - it is a lovely area in North West London.

Where were you born?
Sydney, Australia

What are your interests/hobbies?
Skiing, live music, scuba diving, cooking and travelling are my greatest passions.  I love exploring different cultures, places and food especially through Africa and Europe. My carbon footprint is terrible; I have travelled over 350,000km over the past 3 years. For all those environmentalists you will be pleased to know I regularly offset this.

What is the last film you saw in a cinema and how would you rate it?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – it was a very dark movie, probably the most bleak in the series.  That said, I am looking forward to part 2

What do you like to do to relax?
I haven’t quite found a way to completely relax without being active.  I try cooking or going for walks through Hampstead Heath and discovering the many parks in London, having afternoon tea with friends or simply hoping on a plane to some new destination.  

Who do you most admire and why?
There are 2 amazing people who inspire and motivate me. I admire Richard Branson for being such an inspirational entrepreneur. He didn’t allow his dyslexia stop him from starting his first business at 16, building one of the most powerful brands in the world and becoming a self made billionaire. I quite like the fact that he is also very adventurous and a humanitarian. He has recently opened up a school for young entrepreneurs in South Africa. It’s giving so many entrepreneurs in disadvantaged areas an opportunity to build a business and create jobs.   My other inspiration is Nelson Mandela.  What can I say - he is a 20th century hero who has dedicated his life to freedom and equality. He is a symbol of hope, freedom and such an inspiration to me.

What is your finest achievement?
Being the first female to walk across moving plank platforms in stiletto’s at Coney Island - Sydney’s Luna Park (a fun park in Sydney).  Unfortunately, there was no one from The Guinness World Records to witness this.

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