Iptor Technical Consulting Services - Arm Your Business With IT Knowledge

Iptor has a large number of highly skilled and certified technical consultants who possess extensive experience in analyzing business needs, designing system architecture, and developing, implementing, maintaining and supporting all of our IT solutions. An Iptor solution will always include installation, implementation, education and customer support.

Our services include:

  • Project management
  • Performance analysis
  • Design workshops for data centers
  • New hardware installation and upgrades
  • Virtualization solutions (VMware)
  • Storage Area Networks (SANs)
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Patch, PTF and CUM upgrades
  • Vision solutions
  • Backup Solutions

Work with the best and the brightest at Iptor!


Iptor AB
P.O. Box 1350, Hemvärnsgatan 8
SE-171 26 Solna, Sweden
Phone: +46.8.627.25.00

Finland Iptor
Phone: +35.8.942.70.43.40

Netherlands Iptor
Esttensebaan 34
4814 NN Breda, Netherlands
Phone: +31.30.774.0270