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Food & Beverage Expertise

The food and drink distribution industry’s supply chain is notoriously complex.  You need speed, quality and standards to succeed.  If you miscalculate buying, processing, packaging or delivery, you’re throwing cash, and possibly customers, out the window; many competitors are eager to step in. Following instructions is vital to customer satisfaction. You must be able to handle returns effectively, exchange data on the fly, offer alternative replacements at a moment’s notice, forecast demand around lead times, down to within hours. Your sales teams must remain proactive, calling on customers before and after every order. And pricing must remain accurate and current, with daily promotions and specials, catch weights and mixed shipments complicating matters to no end.

Food & Beverage

Unreliable distribution software will starve your business of profits.  Effective distribution software, on the other hand, feeds your precious margin.

Business Drivers

IBS industry expertise can help you navigate the challenges, giving you added control and flexibility, as you strengthen your competitive stance.

  • Negotiate bonus contracts and track results against fluctuating targets.
  • Manage complex warehouse and logistics routines.
  • Master pricing, returns, rebates, discounts and marketing data.
  • Comply with legal and regulatory demands that change at every border.

Our software can automate your global supply chain processes, eliminating complexity and errors and helping you run your time-sensitive business like clockwork.

  • Optimize processes with EDI, RF, barcode, tracking, packaging and labeling support.
  • Streamline logistics and service for integrated planning, outbound orders, routing, delivery management and reverse logistics.
  • Drive demand management for centralized procurement, forecasting, purchase simulation and contracts.
  • Integrate your supply chain with EDI, XML and web services for better management, communication, understanding and tracking.

Our flexible technology can help you expand your system to reflect any seen or unforeseen changes in your business model.  You can integrate CRM, marketing, finance, and business intelligence as and when your needs evolve.

IBS food & beverage clients include Smeding, Everfresh/Total Produce, Univeg, and Vroegop/DeKweker, among others.

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