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IBS Bookmaster at the London Book Fair 2011

Press Release

After months of preparation and planning, another London Book Fair comes to a close and this could be our most successful yet. We had pre-arranged meetings with several publishers and distributors each day. In addition, we saw repeat visitors coming onto our stand again from previous years, giving us an indication that projects are no longer on hold. Over the course of the show we took an encouraging number of enquiries, several of which look like very interesting, ‘live’ projects.  This marks a change in attitude towards investment in IT budgets from last year.  Integrated, enterprise-wide systems like Bookmaster ultimately automate a publisher’s entire business and the intention to invest in this direction is clearly evident.

The industry is looking and feeling much more buoyant than at previous shows and publishers are looking with more interest at what systems like ours can deliver for them. Several smaller publishers looked at the list of the modules we provide and said that they could use this as a checklist for what they need to do. These are the publishers that could become Bookmaster customers in years to come and we are delighted to make contact with them now.  Our partnership is all about long term relationships.

This year our survey and whisky tasting was a real success. Most notably, we were visited by the features editor of Publishers Weekly and he developed a story based on our survey that appeared on the home page of this prestigious publication - http://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/international/london-book-fair/article/46879-not-the-whiskey-talking-ibs-bookmaster-whiskey-poll-finds-sober-views-of-digital-growth.html

The survey itself showed that the rise of ebooks may not be as fast as pundits are saying, but that they are certainly growing fast enough to be a major consideration. PW in particular say that our prediction that it would take as much as 15 years before most publishers see ebook sales overtake printed are very conservative. We welcome the debate!

We are now moving full speed ahead towards the BEA show in New York in May and hope to reproduce the same levels of interest that we have seen in London.

You may already have noticed that IBS Bookmaster has initiated a global social media program.  We have a Twitter feed at www.twitter.com/The_BookMaster as well as a discussion group on LinkedIn, also called ‘The Bookmaster’.  Our website has a dedicated news section capturing all the highlights from our blogs and interviews.  Get sociable – join us online.

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