Allinox adds Efficiency to Warehouse Operation with IBS

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Allinox has signed a significant contract to implement IBS Dynaman; an advanced, integrated system for warehouse and production environments.

Allinox, the cookware manufacturer and distributor of the Beka cookware brand, with branches in Belgium, France, Germany, U.S. and Hong Kong has two warehouses in Europe, at which IBS Dynaman will be installed.

Marc Billiouw, ICT coordinator at Allinox, says, “In order to increase the level of service to our customers, we identified the need to improve shipping and warehousing processes. We were handling this with a manual system, which we could not integrate with the ERP software. We came to the conclusion that an advanced warehouse management system that could integrate seamlessly with the ERP would help to add value to deliveries, add a higher level of customer service and reduce lead times for orders. We also felt that an advanced WMS system would give us a better understanding of the costs incurred throughout the warehousing and distribution process.”

Allinox carried out a detailed search of several different warehouse management systems. With such a broad range of products to choose from, the company decided to appoint Logflow (a logistic consultancy organization) to help them generate a clear and accurate view of their precise requirements, particularly around inbound, outbound and warehousing processes.  By establishing this, Allinox was in a better position to decide which WMS system would best suit its specific requirements.

“We ended up with a shortlist of three systems and it soon became clear that IBS Dynaman offered a solution that was closest to our specific functional requirements. We developed a series of measurable objectives and criteria to compare the systems and IBS came out on top as the partner that was best able to meet our needs.”

The Allinox project team was also impressed with reference sites that IBS could demonstrate. “IBS showed us several companies that had already implemented the IBS advanced warehouse management solution and were very happy with the system. They could show very clear and tangible areas of functional and operational improvement that was in line with the improvements we were looking to achieve with our own systems. After a lot of hard work, IBS Dynaman was easily the most logical choice for us.”

Ian Walker, VP Sales for IBS, comments, “In the current climate, the roles of distribution centers and manufacturing plants are evolving. Companies are striving to be more competitive by improving process efficiency, response times and the value proposals to their customers. It is with market leading organizations like Allinox who are looking to meet these requirements that IBS Dynaman is now seeing some significant success.”

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