Providing Fulfillment for Digital Publishing

It is still less than 10% of the overall share of the publishing market but digital publishing can no longer be put off or disregarded. Kindles, iPads and more are shaping the evolution of digital publishing. But for the publishers and distributors of all this digital content, just knowing where to make the right investments in the technology that can make all of this happen quickly, effectively and profitably, is a massive headache.

A new breed of digital content providers are fighting it out for market share and dominance. These companies offer digital warehousing systems that enable customers to browse, select and purchase products via a variety of internet devices. However, these systems sit in glorious isolation. They are often disconnected from other business systems, such as purchasing, book production, royalties management and anything else in the distribution supply chain and in the past, they have needed expensive custom integration. They are focused entirely on managing digital content, they don’t hook into anything else and they have no capability to handle the actual fulfillment of orders.

This is where IBS Bookmaster and its open, enterprise-wide technology experience and strategy comes to the fore. Handling fulfillment and supply chain management for publishing and distribution companies is what we do. We have taken an approach that means we can integrate with all the major digital content system to allow publishers to maximise their potential profit from digital publishing.

For example, once an end user has selected his purchase and payment has been approved, Bookmaster can control the whole commercial process of authorizing and delivering digital content for the publisher or book distributor within the Bookmaster fulfillment system by integrating delivery functions within one integrated system. To do this, we have developed macros (or STUBS) that allow our system to communicate seamlessly with any digital content application to deliver a complete solution. In this way, both print and digital line items may be embedded within the same order and both be delivered with the appropriate channel and sales and financial information tracked effortlessly.

While the dogfight over content control remains fierce, Bookmaster is untouchable in terms of fulfillment and supply chain regardless of existing systems in place. In this particular fight, Bookmaster is enjoying a ringside view knowing that whoever wins, they are in a great position.

By Oliver Holden, Sales Director, IBS Bookmaster

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