IBS Prepares Electrical & Electronics Distributors to Take On Opportunities & Dangers Facing the Industry

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International Business Systems (STO: IBS B) in Australia kicks off a new series of industry-specific events, themed “Executive Industry Insights”, with the first event focused on the electrical and electronic distribution industries.

Sydney, Australia – April 12, 2010 −  The notion that there are six silent but deadly ‘margin killers’ that can bring down a company will be one of the topics addressed in the inaugural event, titled “Electrical & Electronics Industry – Looking To The Upturn”. This will look at the opportunities and dangers facing the electrical and electronic industries in the aftermath of the GFC. Identical sessions will be held in Melbourne (April 21) and Sydney (April 22).

Gross margins are the bread and butter of all companies, says Ian Leach, a senior manager from IBS Australia, one of the speakers at the initial presentation in the series. And while they are ostensibly a fairly blunt metric of company performance, they can be severely impacted by a number of different and often hidden factors. These range from over-enthusiastic sales staff through to poor logistics management or to a basic misunderstanding of the total costs of doing business.

Six of these factors are real margin killers that can and probably do affect virtually every company right now. But there are solutions,” he says.

The Insights series are designed for senior C-level management, where IBS will partner with an industry expert at each event to deliver content that will keep senior executives updated with the current challenges and trends of their specific industry.

Leach will be joined at the event by Bill Petreski, the Australian Industry (Ai) Group’s principal adviser for the electrical, electronics and ICT sector. IBS has invited Petreski to deliver the keynote address, which will outline topical opportunities for the electrical and electronics industries in 2010 and beyond, set in the context of the current economic climate and regulatory/policy frameworks.

In the week before the events, Petreski will have attended the Asian Electronics Forum in Taipei, and his presentation will include the absolute latest information from that event. He will also discuss how distributors might position themselves for the rollout of the national broadband network, the switchover to digital, and the implications of proposed national legislation for minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) and energy labelling as well as issues such as overcoming skills shortages and increasing productivity.

It’s all about watching revenues, cutting costs and keeping ahead of the trends for new devices,” Petreski says. “There’s still some watchfulness in the market about spending – savings are up, and that’s not usually great news for retailers – but I think there are actually great opportunities to prepare and plan for some significant growth. It’s not going to be an easy year, but I think having ridden out the storm of last year’s GFC, there’s plenty of positivity for the rest of the year.

Taking advantage of that positivity, while at the same time being aware of the pitfalls of not keeping a weather eye on inputs, means there is much that can be learned about the opportunities and dangers facing the distribution industry.

It is thus highly appropriate that after this keynote address, Leach will present on the six most common margin killers. “These are critical”, Leach says, “especially in the electrical and electronics sector, which is characterised by extremely tight margins. Many senior executives may not be aware of the potential opportunities or dangers facing their distribution business.

For further information or to register for this first Executive Industry Insights event, visit: http://www.supplychainsecrets.com.au/ibs-executive-industry-insights-electrical-2010/

Alternatively, contact IBS Australia at info@ibsaustralia.com or phone 1300 882 467.


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