International Business Systems launches distribution-focused CRM application

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IBS CRM utilises Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 integrated with IBS Enterprise to offer businesses scalable distribution-sales

Stockholm, Sweden, July 1, 2010 – International Business Systems (STO: IBS B), the leading application supplier for wholesale and distribution, today announced IBS CRM, a new component to the IBS Enterprise suite focused on customer relationship management, and the second product announcement within a month focused on Scalable Distribution.  Designed specifically for the needs of wholesale and distribution, IBS CRM, which is part of IBS’ overall Demand Management offerings, comprises of a range of integrated marketing, sales and service capabilities which help businesses of all sizes grow profitable customer relationships.

Distribution companies invariably operate in ever more complex markets, with tightening margins, increasing competition and a never-ending focus on sales and how to grow them. In order to succeed, businesses need to adapt quickly and grow into changing markets, as well as ensuring an effective marketing and sales function which can find, win and grow profitable customer relationships. Designed specifically to meet these challenges, IBS CRM can be deployed and customised quickly according to the unique needs of the business. Furthermore, as a fully integrated component of the award-winning IBS Enterprise (Distribution Management) application suite, IBS CRM streamlines not only front-end marketing and sales but uniquely carries that through into the core distribution processes.

“Our vision of Scalable Distribution includes scaling sales and marketing not only in size but also market reach and capability,” said Andy Bailey, Chief Marketing Officer at International Business Systems. “Following closely on the heels of our recent IBS Distribution Intelligence announcement earlier this month, IBS CRM is the latest step in fulfilling our vision around scalable distribution, and is vital tool in helping businesses grow and change their business according to customer demands and market trends.”

IBS CRM is powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, a proven, award-winning CRM solution that delivers a complete and consistent view across the enterprise. It enables seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications to deliver detailed control, management and analysis with familiar, every-day tools and a clear, intuitive graphical interface.

“In an ever-changing economic environment, organisations need to be equipped with the right technologies to help them succeed,” said Brad Wilson, General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “This new solution shows that IBS is taking a step in the right direction to keep the wholesale and distribution businesses sharp and competitive.”

“As a long standing customer of IBS, we have been looking to implement industry standard CRM processes, that can be tightly integrated with our core IBS Enterprise system, to support our sales and marketing growth,” stated Ole Weiner, President and CEO of AxFlow. “We are very pleased that IBS chose Microsoft as the business partner for their integrated CRM offering.”

As well as providing powerful account management, IBS CRM is equipped with tools which enable the creation and adaptation of forms and workflows. “This is really important for businesses which are looking to create a more comprehensive 360 degree view of their customers,” Bailey added. “By striving for best practice in customer relationship management, businesses will inevitably be better equipped to meet the demands of the key value drivers for profitability in distribution, including raising revenue, lowering costs and increasing margins.”

About IBS:
With over 30 years of experience, IBS is a leading provider of distribution management solutions. IBS focuses on industries such as automotive, electrical components, paper & packaging and pharmaceutical distribution. More than 4,000 customers across some 40 countries use IBS software to gain fast and measurable returns on IT investments.

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About AxFlow:
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