Inventory: Minimize investment, maximize turnover, increase profits.

In the distribution industry, accurate inventory calculations are vital to the day-to-day health of your business. When to order, how lead-times are calculated, stock levels, seasonal adjustments and accurate economic order quantities all factor into achieving efficient operations. When levels get out of balance, the entire supply chain is affected – and more important, customer satisfaction can be jeopardized. At IBS, we provide the integrated systems, processes and controls to manage stock levels for minimum capital investment, maximum stock turnover and improved cash flow.

  • Accurately monitor and maintain inventory levels for improved business planning.
  • Determine best times and quantities to order based on product types.
  • Set safety stock levels to appropriately accommodate lead-times and demand periods.
  • Hone purchase triggers for optimum replenishment.
  • Simulate “what ifs” for better inventory planning.
  • Track supplier effectiveness and negotiate from strength.

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