Cash: Make money, get paid.

In the wholesale distribution business, you can’t make money if you’re not getting paid. Having the lifeblood of your business tied up in accounts receivable and inventory doesn’t move your business forward. At IBS, we provide the insights, systems and solutions to unlock your trapped cash and keep your business profitable. Our accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, asset and cash management strategies combine to support your distribution financials, helping you remain viable, agile and flush in an extremely competitive business.

  • Comprehensive bookkeeping, reconciliation, closing and reporting.
  • Intelligent invoicing, including electronic billing, tax and fees handling.
  • Complete credit, cash, budget asset and banking management.
  • Consolidation and group reporting.
  • Planning tools to improve profitability across the enterprise.
  • Flexible accounting rules and multi-country tax planning.
  • Full integration with your growing enterprise.
  • IBS Cloud Solutions and IBS Managed Services for lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a predictable financial model.

Open the pipeline to a healthy flow of cash. Maintain transparent, traceable and auditable business books. Stand on a solid business foundation with IBS. Let’s talk.

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